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Last year I had the disquieting revelation that I had somehow gained 15 pounds from the previous year.  Okay, ‘somehow’ may be disingenuous.  Eating everything that wasn’t nailed down even if I didn’t like or wasn’t hungry, could have contributed to it somewhat.  Anyway, I signed up for a “walk off the weight” program at my local Y and dropped ten of those pesky pounds over the summer.  Imagine my chagrin (read:  absolute horror) in January of this year when I realized those ten had returned and brought five friends with them.  I don’t recall issuing that particular invitation while I was busy stuffing my mouth with anything and everything in sight.  I also can’t repeat what I said upon this discovery as there is a chance my son might read this someday, and I’m going to attempt to retain what little parental dignity I may still have for a bit longer.  It’s not that he hasn’t heard those words, and occasionally from me; I’m just not sure he can spell them.  Yet.

Once I turned forty, many helpful people told me it would be harder to lose weight now that I had reached this great milestone of my existence.  Ha.  Since losing weight for me has always been akin to climbing Mt. Everest backwards and naked, this did not faze me.  (And no, I have not attempted to climb Mt. Everest backward and naked.  Nor am I going to.  Thanks for asking.)  When something starts off impossible, it’s not like it can get that much worse, right?  I have never been accustomed to losing weight quickly, or really, at all.  In high school I was heavier than all my friends; my best friend — a thin, bubbly girl — held the life philosophy “If you don’t eat every half hour, you die.”  In college, I surprised my self by losing the freshman fifteen instead of gaining it.  It helped that the food in the dining commons made me literally ill, and I climbed five flights of stairs to my room several times a day — sometimes with laundry — as the elevator in my dorm was unreliable.  After my son was born, I struggled to lose the baby weight.  Two months on bed rest and a C-section did a number of my muscle tone and endurance, and caring for a new baby didn’t leave much time for exercise anyway.  Did you ever wonder how movie stars and models get their pre-baby bodies back so quickly?  The answer is short and simple — money.  With enough money in hand nannies, personal trainers, and chefs come to your house, care for your baby so you have time to exercise two or more hours each day, cook wonderful, healthy, low-fat meals that satisfy you while not adding extra calories, and voila!  Within months, if not weeks, you fit back in your old, designer wardrobe.  While I had the miracle of my beautiful baby boy, the nanny, chef, and trainer did not exist in my world.  For that matter neither did the designer wardrobe, but that’s as much an issue of style and taste as of money.  Weight Watchers  helped me get rid of the weight about a year or so later.

As disheartening as it was to lose .4-.6 pounds a week to my husband’s 3-5 pound weekly weight loss — did I mention my husband is a runner? — I stuck with it, eventually getting down to my high school weight.  As I had picked up some muscles from strength training and baby carrying and grown an inch since high school, I looked and felt pretty good.  Okay, better than pretty good, and better than I had looked at eighteen.  Then I got complacent.  Discovering I had ballooned back up to a number not seen on my scale since my pregnancy did not do wonders for my self-image or my self-esteem.

So, I’ve gotten back on the weight loss wagon.  I am counting points and exercising up a storm.  I even signed up for this year’s version of the Y’s walk off the weight program, which for some reason this year involves teams.  I use the Nautilus room once a week — I prefer the free weight room as I find most Nautilus machines are not geared for folks like me who are, shall we say, “vertically challenged” — and make sure I get in my 10,000 steps a day.  According to my scale, I have now lost 13 of those twenty pounds since January 4.  I am working at getting the remaining 7 to go with them.  I do have to say, though, that my clothes fit better than they have in a while, and I no longer walk around the house mooing on a regular basis, which, I am sure, makes my son and runner husband much happier.  I feel more like me than I have in a long time.  Do I have more energy?  Not at the moment; having to make sure I hit 10,000 steps a day makes for some interesting evening activities, like walking around the downstairs for twenty minutes or bringing laundry up from the basement one garment at at time, but I’m getting there.  I just need to make sure that this time I stick with it.  Or accidentally drop several cement blocks on the scale.  Hmmm.  Now there’s something to think about.


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  1. Right there with you, sista!! I’m headed back to the “WW” tonight…sigh…..

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