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Being a marathon widow means understanding one important fact about runners; they will run anywhere.  Anywhere.  They run on mountains, through fields, over city streets, and across deserts.  Don’t believe me about the desert part?  Check out the Badwater Ultramarathon race  — — where crazy people run 135 miles through Death Valley in July.  Yes, that Death Valley, the one where (according to the National Park Service) summer temperatures average at about 120 degrees Fahrenheit and has the word death in it.  My feeling is that if you need to run an excessive number of miles over the course of a morning, you might as well do it somewhere pretty where your family can find something fun to do while you are off sweating.  I can think of several places I would be willing to sacrifice my vacation time to in the spirit of being a supportive spouse.  Here are a few of them.

  • Hawaii:  While my runner spouse complains that Hawaiian marathons are too slow, I think they sound perfect.  They are far enough away that we would have to stay at least 3 days to make it worthwhile.  Even better?  The child and I could hang out at beach during the race.  While the child has shown an alarming tendency to enjoy trail running (??!??), my genes have won out in his love of ocean swimming.  What could be better than a beach with warm ocean water where we could body surf to our hearts’ content while the husband is off doing that running thing?  Not much in my book.
  • Dublin:  We agree on this one.  I have always wanted to go to Ireland, and he has always wanted to run in Ireland.   I’m thinking a lovely breakfast of bangers and mash while he’s off at the start with a bin liner keeping him dry.  And yes, this is recommended on the Dublin Marathon web site.  At least the bin liner is, not so much with the bangers and mash.
  • Florence:  Okay, so this one interferes a bit with Thanksgiving being at the end of November.  That said, I think I could willingly reschedule my turkey, rice-and-hamburger stuffing, and mashed potatoes to a week later to go to Florence.  The best part would be the touring around after the race as the spouse would be walking at my pace.
  • London:  Ah, London…  Need I say more?
  • Boston:  This one needs caveats.  I have now been to the Boston Marathon at least twice.  The first time it was so hot I thought I was going to die, and I wasn’t even the one running.  Just the one taking care of the overheated toddler.  We saw my husband run by, packed up, and watched the rest of the race on television in my in-laws air-conditioned house.  If you’ve been reading this blog, you have probably guessed this is my preferred method of marathon-watching.  The kind where I don’t actually have to watch it.  Reading works for me.  However, if done right, Boston would be a destination marathon I could wrap my mind around.  By done right, I mean a room at the Four Seasons (one of the nice ones where you can walk around a bit, not one of the ones where you hit your nose on the opposite wall turning around) with a show in the Theatre District the night before and a lovely walk through the Museum of Fine Arts during the actual event.

Having been to the Vermont City Marathon in Burlington (a city which I love), I have to say there isn’t enough to do during race time to qualify as a destination marathon.  Portland, ME (another city I love) has the race somewhere not anywhere near the downtown where there are things to look at and places to buy food.  While the child and I had a lovely stroll through the local Hannaford Supermarket so we could scrounge some breakfast, the locale left something to be desired.  Hartford, CT starts and ends in a fabulous park, but the boy is getting too old to be entertained by a playground —  no matter how really cool it is.  The Cape Cod marathon is also lovely; there just isn’t that much to do in Falmouth, and Halloween is too cold for swimming in the Atlantic.

The runner in the family has other ideas about destination marathons.  This spring, we are going to Ottawa.  For us this is a destination and even involves the child and I getting passports.  He has planned a stop in Burlington (see previous comment about cities I love) on the way up for fun and a visit to the Ben & Jerry’s factory on the way back.  He even found a hotel right on the race route with a checkout time that allows the rest of us to hang out in the hotel all morning if we want.  (I should find out if there is a pool on the premises.)  Other places he wants to run are Chicago and New York, both places where I could find my way around if need be but truthfully scare me a bit.

The biggest problem I see with destination marathons?  They involve destinations, and destinations involve money.  Lots of money.  I may have to work on this one a bit longer.  Oh, well.  It gives me more time to come up with more destinations to visit.  And some time to start playing the lottery.


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  1. play the lottery? This I would like to see … 🙂 fun as always. I can sort of see my swimmer/biker in what you say, though not with quite the obsession I must admit

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