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I’m having one of those days again.

Not – for a change – because of my personal life. (Isn’t that nice?) And not because we’ve turned the clocks back, and SLUG season is once again upon us. (It’s pitch-black outside at 5-something… Are you kidding me?)

No, right now it’s technology that is making it one of those days. And what a day it is. Or should I say week?  Or month?

I am – and have been for the past three weeks – working on installing new computers at work. Normally this would make my geeky, little heart pitter-patter with joy and rapture, and for the first one or two devices, it did

These things are seriously cute. They are small boxes, about four inches square and one inch deep, with solid state hard drives (no annoying fan noise) and a bunch of USB ports for pesky things like keyboards, mice, and monitors. They are silver and sleek, and I just want to give them all cute Star Wars robot names like T3-H4 and DD-5. I have seven of them to load up and distribute to my colleagues with the oldest computers in the building.

Here’s the less cute part.

They come without hard drives, memory, drivers (the things that make the audio, video, etc. components run), or operating systems which means I have to install everything that makes them a computer on to them. Oh, and there are seven of them.

I have spent the last several weeks running the same set of 400+ Windows Updates on each and every one of these things. You would think that since they are all exactly the same, with all of the exact same components, this would be simple. Boring, but simple nonetheless.

Unfortunately for me, except for the boring part, you would be wrong. So, so wrong.

Why?  Because each one of them has decided independently of its siblings to give me grief. In seven different ways.

Oh, joy. And rapture. Except not.

The best part is I can’t use my own computer while the installation is going on because I need an ethernet cable so I can attach these little cuties to the network and get them internet access, and the only ‘spare’ one that is live is attached to my PC. So I spend my off-desk time waiting for updates that take hours to find, then more hours to download, and finally even more to install so I can click the ‘next’ button when the time comes. 

At least when they decide to work…

I. Am. So. So. Bored.

Okay, there are other things I can do while I wait. I could clean my desk. Which I did.  Because it really needed cleaning. For things that exist on the internet, I have been using the library’s laptop and WiFi. And since a couple of my colleagues have been out for various reasons, when I really need access to the documents I have stored on my folder on the server, I just use one of theirs. The bonus to this is I get steps on my pedometer as I have to walk between their desks and mine as I have to check the newbies every few minutes to see if it’s time to click the next button. The downside is as follows:

It. Is. Taking. Forever.

And it’s not just at work I’m having issues. The technology at home is is making me crazy as well. My cable box has decided to randomly not allow me to watch things on demand and my laptop keeps dropping its internet connection for no apparent reason. And while I know these are both first world problems, it isn’t stopping me grinding my teeth when what should work seamlessly suddenly decides not to. Just because.

I’m trying to decide if I have suddenly been cursed with rampant static electricity, if my tech toys have turned on me, or if the Y2K virus problem has decided to rear its annoying head. Sixteen years late.

I suppose anything is possible.

In the meantime, I’m going to rely on the old sledgehammer approach to see if I can’t get my technology to start cooperating with me again.

Just as soon as I remember where I put it.


Posted November 25, 2016 by wordsaremylife in random thoughts

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